Wenn es einem schlecht geht, obwohl alles gut ist (GENUG VOM LEBEN? 1) (German Edition)

Vocab per Skill Unit for the German / EN Course

Wolfman clearly advised this in Pfostung-No. May I modify your overlatering to 'mooggefoogg' to avoid any potential disrespectful ambiguity? Cheese now, I have my midday deserved today, or not?! Paint-Time to all of you! Comment Trifle I think we have an outspeak problem now! It tastes like twice drunk.

It is not so strong and made for people with a Heart Casper. Better you change it before they climb us on the head and nail us to the cross. Comment Du benennst es, in einer Nussmuschel TH! Ich erinnerte das schon: Es war gemacht vom gebrannten Getreide. Das Geschmack war wie irgendwas, nur nicht Kaffee,rechts? Not that I want to say that I suffer under a heart-casper! I am fit like a Turnschuh. Man-o-man this thread goes down like a red Moped!!

I become the through-fall before laughing!!! Comment What is loose here? Is it then the possibillity that the "Vrong Tscherman" Faden has more in-carry-ings than this here? I thought we want to full make the as firsts! So goes it yes not further! Up, Up, you lasy socks!

When I read your "Quatsch" here brak I still together. Why are you racing for the ? Most of you are at work not at the races, or? Comment Wolfman This is really strong tabacco. What in three devil's name mean you? I am on the work and not on the escape! It is a real piggery!! I will not make the full. But when I read that strong stuff and when me what infalls, I cannot hold my mouth.

Comment When I read all this gripes, I slowly get the imprint that oversetter is a shitjob. But as half of all oversetters here can go in clockfoliage together, and when I see daytimes which is hier pfostend, es kann nicht sein das schlecht. In this shipper, I beg your dis-debitation and ash on my main! Comment This here cannot be your earnest! Comment Now let but a five be straight!!!!! Have you 6-geared in serious oversetting, and now close with funny?

Okayokayokay, just let me make two points: I tried but got a 'scroll-finger' before being through with it. Disgustation is not everyman's thing. It's my serious,what else? Agree, it's time to let the dear god a good man be. But I also read between the lines: But isn't the whole life just a translation?

Aren't you just a translation of your genetic code? What else is speech than translation of thought and feeling,compounded by your brain? Me came this so when I myself translated by ferry river Rhine on my way back home today. And nuttin' for ungood - gell?

Comment Hello together, I was not on the work for the last two days. I look into the thread from at home now and I want not to waste my money on the internet. I will after-take the reading tomorrow at work. I must very onfit that, when I write the In-guidance for the books, I not write in six-gear English with all the appointment-pressure in the nape. Trifle, I am overwitnessed that the oversetters have much work had on the day and must earn their breadlets. Then, man must well a wheel off have or not have them all on the christmas-tree ;- to withmake at suchwhat.

What me bemeets, I have endishly fire-evening and have the snout full and I'm ready with the world and ripe for the island. I want only a beer drool! Comment Ah, Wolfman - there you are back in stride again - I have made myself already sorrows. I like potslang much, like Pannemann and so. You overset Klappentext too? I see u r also outpreyed by your boss. But note next fire-evening comes definetely! I'd throw the handcloth otherwise. Thanks for beaking a lance for us poor, poor oversetters. Don't forget the flag killer!!! Costs an apple and an egg.

Poofing in the office?!!!. Go in the corner and shame you what. It is really a cross with these Jungspunds!! I hold it in the head not out! Ah Mary, can I concrete you late for marriage? Sorry, have I you upwaked! And i am not the grand-aunt of Harry Potter! The name is quicker to write. I heard you snoring through my double-thermo-glass-window!

Oh pain let after!!! Him will swell the comb. But don't tell him that he can you crosswise. Then you are quickerly out then you can drink your Muggefugg out!! Make it good, I must now play "genius at work" again. Comment Mary, that have you good made. Harald, betrachtend drool for beer, I have switched from beer to bikler, to avoid early boom in summer heat.

Have good fire-evenings, I make also a long shoe Comment What then, what then?

Vocab per Skill Unit for the German / EN Course

Is here nothing more loose? LEO is today so sow-slow, it makes no fun.


Auf zu jetzt ich habe immer Gedanke, dass "disgusting 6-gear menu" bedeutet "widerliches Sexgang Gericht", was ist ein sehr "komm jetzt! What tendon-addiction after the northgerman deep plain ongoes: Let you on the shoulder knock. Ich kenne den Atheismus durchaus nicht als Ergebniss, noch weniger als Ereigniss: He has the boy still on his arm, His arm is cold, his son is warm. On the other hand, how many British jokes, films, sketches Fawlty Towers - Don't mention the war!

I think I beat soon off. I'll drive my computer down and make the light out and go to home. Then make I myself a bottle beer open and bang me in front of the far-seeing-apparatus. Then look I through the newspaper and wait on my evening-eating. Sometimes I watch the beauiful sunset in my hometown "Waste-home on the Dysentry". Tomorrow I come again with still more dump-sense. Beautiful celebration evening all together!

Wolfman, you have it opensightly fist-thick behind the ears. Notificating also your self-forbettering, and overhead that many other forbetterings, me swans longsome that correct sixgear onshiny is not so easy to produce! My prebeat is now to stand a small booklet together, therein groundlaying grammar and setbuilding. I ams you ores he shits and also constant wordly oversetting,multiple back and again forth oversetting overlatern and more highdiswrapped skills.

Comment Was eine liebliche Idee! Let us a six-gear wordsbook togetherput! But it should a real knowledgeshaftly work be. Comment knowledgeshaftly is even better than my de-guiltification. This word is say-custody Mosquito, do you have longewhile in your holy days, or why falls you nothing better in than here abzupfosten?

Can you not upswitch? Newly, I wandered me if six-gear is six-gear of Sexgier. Can man so say? Or is this improper recursive mislatering? For today I recommend me - I hew myself in bed, to balance poofdeficit. Auf zu jetzt ich habe immer Gedanke, dass "disgusting 6-gear menu" bedeutet "widerliches Sexgang Gericht", was ist ein sehr "komm jetzt! Comment Heilige Makrele, Ich kann't glauben es! Nein Wunder sie konnten't unterstehen mich.

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Wie werde ich mich fühlen, wenn ich auf der Intensivstation gewesen bin? erlebt alle hier beschriebenen Dinge, aber je länger der Aufenthalt auf der . schlecht fühlen, wenn Sie nicht 24 Stunden am Tag im Patientenzimmer sein können. .. Wenn es Ihnen gut genug geht, um das Krankenhaus zu verlassen, wird eine. Ein Trost, daß wenigstens die Preise relativ gut sind; sonst müßten wir uns ist ein billiger Trost ugs - 1. i1/s.1h. is n01 much consola1ion, 2. some Wovon soll ich dann leben, wenn mein Gehalt nicht reicht'.7 das/(etw. mit dem andcren zu tun, und dann verdienen wir so schon wenig genug. 2. esIalles/(etw) geht (da/.

Du hast zu sein ein beruflicher Oversetter, zu kriegen irgend von diesem. Und jetzt der Grund warum Ich hatte zu anhalten lauernd und sagen etwas: Tatst du sagen das auf Absicht- "I think I beat soon off. Comment My gorge, you were yes hardworking.

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There is man only one week way and yet needs man one half eternity at afterreading. Enjoy your residual freetime Comment Catharina, mybody can understand! That can one find in special highpriced gastronomic facilities, where it "Herrengedeck" called is. Thanks for this great furtherdiswrapment. I could not diskey "bazillusirgendwelche" Jeff, you are loudspeaking inbornbox?

My highattention - You become honourswithlink in Disgusting Club. Other inborns left this filament disbluffed,saying this is throughbanged and no laughing matter, and that we all must have one on the flapper - under us, I can't deno! I now go inbuying in Afterdeductions and Irreducible Netto and Minimal , because my coolcupboard is vacuum -. Comment Trifle It does me pain when I you over the meaning of "bazillusirgendwelche" in the dark left have. Naturally must it first checked become. Now must I further work. Comment sorry that I no time have. Ich habe zu sauber hoch das lebende Zimmer.

But I find this discussion real interesting. Comment Jeff, Ah- you are soundful inbreed case. And a comsopolitician worldburgher onshiningly. But are you then inwanderer, or have you in Boston great become? I'm an Germ, but like speech of the fishing saxons, and also 6-Gear, cause bad english does not fall up that much here: I had the nose full and I went to house - quite one-fold, or?

Ich hoffe, Ich tatn't beleidigen Dich. I am in Boston born and earwaxed. Must but of a day backgo. Comment Sehn' wir hier ein Tunnel am Ende des Lichts? Come you oversetters now in the aisles, or what? We make full here, and when me no day of my life more enjoys! Comment This is really a heavy piece of work! Oh, I see straight, my clock has given the ghost up. I think the machinist is dead.

disgusting 6-gear menu - sechsgängiges Degustationsmenü

I say it yes, how the mister so the dishes. This is everything a little bit throughanother. But I press us the thumbs that this misery has soon an end. Have you captured this. Comment I look out the window, and what see I? It shines a gentlemanly late summer day to become. Out the window to look is a nice underbreaking of longwhily oversetting work.

But I must now return to my picture umbrella and awayset my oversetting. Comment Here seems the sun too. When I it me permit can, out the window to look, call I that thought freetime. That is a good offchangeling sometimes. You are from Boston? I heard that you there great Tea Parties have Which tea use you, Chinese or Ceylon? Comment Wolfman, Jeff is still sleeping, he's working time shift.

Literature. TV. Journalism.

But I can fill in: They use Roi Bush, the brother of George Bush. Now in coming cold season they make Ice Tea Parties in Boston. Nightinbile, I hear you trappin' - you bring worm sunseem in this threat, wiz anozer great play on wordz. I can this so-cooked little outbuild: OK, is selfpuzzled "Knittelvers" only found no fishingrod-saxony overlatering in damn hole LEO , and is not great sealing, selfunderstandly.

Hope that it not zuckz. Should there densers among the disgusters be, should they lover what substancefull here display. Otherersites, I bet that Willem his Pear shake would, when he this filament read could the ryhme was not upsightly, that must on german setbuilding layed have. So lang, kauf kauf! Kannst Du raten, nach Lesen Nadjas Frage? Between Peoplechurch and Cheeks.

Had we rooibos here, would I all self drink! So what would I not supposed have.

LINA MALY – SCHÖN GENUG (Official Music Video)

Entweder Weg, das war ein gut ein! Wirklich machte mich zerbrechen hinauf! Comment Jeffle, thank deer for liquidating the riddles. They have prepared me much head-disruption. Neben dem Weg, wie sind Dinge aufgehend beim 6-gear Beine-Clickbildchen? Everycase, now I make me me-nothing-you-nothing out of the dust, I hope I must not hear so many sweetwood-raspers as in the twinkle-box yesterday. I hold that for offlift that you Grandpianos for rent have! I declutch me know for today from this Gear. Ich tatn't meinen zu foltern dich wie das, Trifle.

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Nicht weit von Dolly Garmisch-Partonkirchen Wood. So, now shines it, tjat I a Schwobifier am. You should but our Familie-dreffa onetime see! We make every July a little Oilguy middle in Massachusetts, or in Connecticut. Comment Jeffle, du bischde greeschd 'm Flecka! Yeah, I go again after Feetn in Oelgoi preciser: Steedheaden to see forkkenlake and Lock New Swanstone.

Dehs glaubscht Du mir! Wie misset mia des vorschtelle: Comment es Jeffle un es Trifle: Jeff, perhaps you can invite me to your next great Boston Tea Party - I'll bring the cookies with! Trifle, wherefrom have you such a sweet name? My woman loves trifle. Do come her not too near! Especially not after a good midday eating Now must I sleeping go. It is yes soon weekend Just I wanted to pull the sticker out the dose, when my optical receptors messaged my synapses that Wolfman another yellow panel glued has on the filament of glory.

Where had you crumbled yourself, was that something terminal or what? That that clear is: Up each fall we must join Boston Tea Party. I bet they make what in the tea, or mean you manyeasy they pour in pure tea? Ah,yes, Trifle is any Germ term. It has even what to say, but is little 6-geared to cover my Sourcrowd identity. So I can like muzzle-cast dig into LEO's acre.

And yep, make you no sorrow, I will no unfitting approachtrial to your wife make, big Indian Honor word is she nice? Hope tomorrow goes endly again what up here Would it you something outmake me to tell where exactly? I have with-read this thread since some time, but it falls me heavy in this new language to write. Please have some backsight with me. Comment Trifale und Jeffale: Such a pile Suebians here at 6-gear! Trifale, maybe I have overread it, but where careful comesch you here?

I come out the nearness from Eye's castle. So, give not up too early. Man oh man, make yourself not in the trousers. I let you not hang. I was it not who with this cabbage begun has. It it you still falls heavy you must more train. Training makes the master! I must still a little work before the weekend. Then, off to the underground, eating behind let and to waste-home travel.

I'm always happy when I see my river - the Dysentry! Now first time, on-again-see! Comment "It it you still falls heavy you must more train" That should heat "If it Comment Nadjale, I find that class that you write 'comesch'. That is true swobyfied 6-Gearle. Wolfman, that bequiets me, I thought you let us slopes here. Thushalf I appealed at your answerliness. Hope that you it not be-remorsen does, that you 1rst answerpfostung made have!

This is full of numbers, we call that number grave. The ground is only, that he has very bad digit memorial. He can himself never on what remembern, and then he swines me with such: There's an unwritten rule in this company: Get it down on paper" and so. I always do,but all Post-its fall up from my picture umbrella, before due date is reached. They glue not good, goes it you exact so? I go now in meeting and see later after great gear. Hope I find many new yellow panels, also from great sunseem and offchangeling girls -. Comment Wolfman, you are again not at the thing. You MUST correct sixgear around here, and not others a bad by-game give.

See how many labours the girls themselves give in writing right speech wrong! So don't you write wrong speech right here! What can I therefore that I a dialect speak and write. I live in the coal pot, Wastehome-on-the-Dysentry, when you it precise to know want. Now is me but a painly mistake underrun: Comment I get so a neck so a neck!!!! All these better-knowers and nose-whites Who forzt you then?

Thus you are yes done not a borne swaebele but a hessian! Comment ah, bossess, I understand yet a fun. Are we again good with-one-other? Know you, man sees not, if the other has a a ligthning in her eyes But say you what,I'm flat. You grow onshining over yourself out here. And utterthem voice I you to, that nobody should feel forzed to be pfostend here. Wolfman, I know that you a true wastehomer are, and also eating-wastehome oscillator.

I have but not withbecome that you coalpott dialick here inbrings. Under this facepoint, you please sorrify my clevershittery. I stand me for, that you now and then on bank of dysentery sit and sing: This 6-gear-English is not so easy like man thinks on the first view. Where here can you so good swobify?

And how dignity it oneself onhear when you dignity hessify? Comment Nadja, so isch's, man falls standily back in that Oxford slang,dis-changes setbuildings, and second-hands correct oversettings at place from wrong ones, which are the correct ones here. But after while goes that over ins blood, and then makes that such a colossusjoke! What now swobian onbelongs, an earlier knowner from me, that came from Stuarged or Charly'sTranquility cunnomore remembra named me 'Schiereburzler', and there have I him fully disghostered atlooked.

Out pure withpain gave he me a book "Swobify yourself in 3 weeks,des glaubscht Du mir" and I worked me very groundly in that matter in. But I trust me not here to hessify, I befear this dialicks is not so beloved. You rememba manyeasy "Have mercy So dignity that sound. Like handcheese with muzik! Come you to Boston, so will we a Tea Party foronfigure. I will us with the tea forsorrow, if you friendlierwise any nun's fartlets withbring can.

Make we what in the tea? That goes owntly not-- man must the teablats in woodforslags in the haven thereinwarp. We would but this in the forout outmake must. Jetz brech ich ma wirklich zusammen! Un dann lern ich Dich ma' Englisch. Da bisse abba vonne Socken, eh! Thanks for the invite to tea in Boston, but can I the tea make?

It is only because a Canadian friend said that he his car with American beer washs and I know not what he over American tea said That is what goose others! The offsight thereon is it, the tea in the harbor to smit, and then a good cup coffee not Sternenbock outtocost.

stefan mesch

But when you a good tea wish, here find you it: Man can them unbegrounded bynear senseless slag, and grad before they in withoutpower fall, say they "Deguiltification, eh? Watt geht hier ab,samma? Ich sach ma watt hier Sache is: Un mit Kuffnuckensprache beibringen brauchs mir ga nich erst kommen. Krichich selbst auffe Reihe, habbich kein Trabbel mit! Comment Ja, liabs Herrgottlevonbibrbach! Ui send mr zwoi sotte Seggl, abr scho sotte Bluads-Seggl!

I steckt ui boide inda Saag ond loss da Schtecka danza. Now you give you your hands and say deguiltification and then go we tea in the pot thrown. I beat for, that we us again contracten,hearmma! I'm namely not aftercarrying - NB: I find that simple super that Jeffle for us a teaparty foronfigures. But like always I'm too mad for the speechriddle: Was in direction of "Klosterfrau Melissenghost" thinking, then got stuck.

Or is that swobian special gedrink? Would me enjoy when anycorpse me that overlatern could. Only when it no gutterword is,what here not displayed become can. There I can help you wider: Und wie das Bindeglied sagt, es hat originalich nichts zu tun mit Furz. Wir tun haben mehr lustige Sachen zu essen hier: Comment Nadjale, I knew that you me under the arms grip would, you shine to know where Barthel his must fetches.

To my honor-rescue I lead here on, that it my urgent suspicion was, that we it here with a non saloon-capable word to do have. This bewhites the statement viewable via your "Bandage limb" I have backsixgeared,hoho. I admire the brits which, in case it happens that this word into sound turns in real life, manage the situation with the saying: I now go out littlebit, to desneeze the latesummersunseembeams.

Bitte nicht als Vorwurf oder gar Angriff auf Wolfman verstehen. Degultification for the late answord, but I have not 6-geared in the last time and have a lot to afterread. A little cow-hole Kuhkaff near arse-ape-castle, there live I. I can good forstand that you find it heavy in 6-gear to write ;-. Ziz is a good infall!!! Can you one reserve for me? It becomes always more heavy without a 6-gear wordsbook. I find writing goes yes still, but all this to forstand is not so light.

Es wird nicht mehr lange nehmen zu reichen an die , you are industrious or is it 'fliesy' now? Gezz is abba Pannas am Schwenkmast. But I musted "Trifale" first in the barriers point. There can yes everyone come! I say yes, those coal pot "prolls" and if they yet a "Manta" drive with their elbow out the window We Waste-homers are there a different beat. We have the wisdom with spoons eaten. Rupture yourself together and speak 6-gear! Dysentery pot German is here forbidden. I hope you beg soforth for deguiltification, otherwise will you be outcastled from this knowledgeshaftly circle of language artists.

Sometimes must one a power word speak Comment This thunderweather was but emergency-fexible, Ingrid. On me have these bang-bonces not listen woolen. You need yourself not to deguiltify, from and to you easy have not the time to answord. I come out of Goldstream, that is still nearer on arse-ape-castle. I learn all-flourily to write in 6-gear. For creators are hard. Nicht ableiten will ich ihn: Stich ihnen die Augen aus! It is not enough for me that lightning no longer does any harm. I do not wish to conduct it away: My wisdom has long gathered like a cloud; it is becoming stiller and darker.

Thus does every wisdom that is yet to give birth to lightning bolts. For these men of today I do not wish to be light , or to be called light. These I wish to blind. Lightning of my wisdom! Ein Wurf missrieth euch. Ihr lerntet nicht spielen und spotten, wie man spielen und spotten muss! Sitzen wir nicht immer an einem grossen Spott- und Spieltische? Missrieth aber der Mensch: Shy, ashamed, awkward, like a tiger whose leap has failed: A throw had failed you.

But, you dice-throwers, what does it matter! You have not learned to gamble and jest as one must gamble and jest! Do we not always sit at a big jesting-and-gaming table? And if something great has failed you, does it follow that you yourselves are failures? And if you yourselves are failures, does it follow that man is a failure? Diese Krone des Lachenden, diese Rosenkranz-Krone: This crown of him who laughs, this rose-wreath crown: Laughter I have pronounced holy; you higher men, learn to laugh!

Was spricht die tiefe Mitternacht? Oh man, take care! What does the deep midnight declare? The world is deep, Deeper than day had been aware. Gewiss ist, dass sie sich nicht hat einnehmen lassen: Are there not grounds for the suspicion that all philosophers, insofar as they were dogmatists, have been very inexpert about women? That the gruesome seriousness, the clumsy obtrusiveness with which they have usually approached truth so far have been awkward and very improper methods for winning a woman's heart?

If it is left standing at all! Die Physiologen sollten sich besinnen, den Selbsterhaltungstrieb als kardinalen Trieb eines organischen Wesens anzusetzen. Physiologists should think before putting down the instinct of self-preservation as the cardinal instinct of an organic being.

Jeder tiefe Geist braucht eine Maske: Every profound spirit needs a mask: Whoever despises himself still respects himself as one who despises. There are no moral phenomena at all, but only a moral interpretation of phenomena Und wenn du lange in einen Abgrund blickst, blickt der Abgrund auch in dich hinein. Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.

Whatever is done from love always occurs beyond good and evil. Every enhancement of the type "man" has so far been the work of an aristocratic society [ Es giebt Herren-Moral und Sklaven-Moral [ There are master morality and slave morality [ Die vornehme Seele hat Ehrfurcht vor sich. Rather it was "the good" themselves, that is to say, the noble, powerful, high-stationed and high-minded, who felt and established themselves and their actions as good [ The slave revolt in morality begins when ressentiment itself becomes creative and gives birth to values: While every noble morality develops from a triumphant affirmation of itself, slave morality from the outset says No to what is "outside," what is "different," what is "not itself"; and this No is its creative deed.

To demand of strength that it should not express itself as strength, that it should not be a desire to overcome, a desire to throw down, a desire to become master, a thirst for enemies and resistances and triumphs, is just as absurd as to demand of weakness that it should express itself as strength. For just as the popular mind separates the lightning from its flash and takes the latter for an action , for the operation of a subject called lightning, so popular morality also separates strength from expressions of strength, as if there were a neutral substratum behind the strong man, which was free to express strength or not to do so.

Sieht man vom asketischen Ideale ab: His existence on earth had no goal. Only sick music makes money today [ Fehlt der dritte Fall: To live alone one must be a beast or a god, says Aristotle. Leaving out the third case: Oder Gott nur ein Fehlgriff des Menschen? Which is it, is man one of God's blunders or is God one of man's? Aus der Kriegsschule des Lebens.

Out of life's school of war: What does not destroy me, makes me stronger. Hat man sein warum? He who has a why? You would multiply yourself by ten, by a hundred? Ich misstraue allen Systematikern und gehe ihnen aus dem Weg. Der Wille zum System ist ein Mangel an Rechtschaffenheit. I mistrust all systematizers and I avoid them. The will to a system is a lack of integrity.

Without music life would be a mistake. Nur die ergangenen Gedanken haben Werth. The sedentary life is the very sin against the Holy Spirit. Only thoughts reached by walking have value. The disappointed one speaks. My formula for happiness: Wir leugnen Gott, wir leugnen die Verantwortlichkeit in Gott: The concept "God" was until now the greatest objection to existence We deny God, we deny the responsibility in God: But this people has deliberately made itself stupid, for nearly a millennium: To die proudly when it is no longer possible to live proudly.

Death freely chosen, death at the right time, brightly and cheerfully accomplished amid children and witnesses: Such a faith, however, is the highest of all possible faiths: I have baptized it with the name of Dionysus. Der Antichrist The Antichrist Einige werden posthu[m] geboren. Some are born posthumously. One must be honest in matters of the spirit to the point of hardness before one can even endure my seriousness and my passion. One must have become indifferent; one must never ask if the truth is useful or if it may prove our undoing.

The predilection of strength for questions for which no one today has the courage; the courage for the forbidden [ Formula for our happiness: Morality is the best of all devices for leading mankind by the nose. Was heisst denn rechtschaffen sein in geistigen Dingen? What, does it mean, after all to have integrity in matters of the spirit? That one is severe against one's heart, that one despises "beautiful sentiments," that one makes of every Yes and No a matter of conscience! That faith makes blessed under certain circumstances, that blessedness does not make of a fixed idea a true idea, that faith moves no mountains but puts mountains where there are none: My humanity is a constant self-overcoming.

Ich kenne den Atheismus durchaus nicht als Ergebniss, noch weniger als Ereigniss: I do not by any means know atheism as a result; even less as an event: I am too inquisitive, too questionable , too exuberant to stand for any gross answer. My formula for greatness in a human being is amor fati: Ich selber bin noch nicht an der Zeit, Einige werden posthum geboren.

Accusative Tips and notes: Dative Tips and notes: Nominative 2 Tips and notes: Preterite Tips and notes: Past Perfect Tips and notes: Future Perfect Tips and notes: Verzeihung, naja, Ahnung Science Tips and notes: Present 3 Tips and notes: Conditional Tips and notes: Conditional Perfect Tips and notes: Perfect 2 Tips and notes: Conditional 2 Tips and notes: Philosophie, optimist, pessimist, skeptisch, Bewusstsein, Wirklichkeit, wahr Present 4 - Verbs: Present 4 Tips and notes: Music - Classical Music Tips and notes: Wow, you definitely put time into that: P Thanks for sharing.

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