Learn from the things that you suffered.

In fact, the pain can run so deep, that at times, you question your very existence. Throughout my very many failures, I came away with some important lessons, lessons that I wanted to share with all of you.

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  • Hebrews KJV: Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered;.

I know how hard it was to move through and past failure. Still, lessons learned through failure are some of the most invaluable lessons you could possibly garner in life. If failure has shaped you for the better, I would love to hear about it in the comments. When you fail, and you fail big, it feels like the end of the line. It feels like everything you once hoped for and dreamed for is now completely out of your reach. It takes an emotional toll on you. It breaks you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

4 Things You Can Learn From Suffering — Charisma Magazine

Although it hurt more than I would care to describe, failure served me more than it hindered me. It helped to build me up into who I am today. What will others think? How will I look in front of my peers? Failure will either make you or it will break you. No one has experienced a wild sense of success without first failing in a major way. While some have had to endure only a few failures before success, others have endured thousands. But when you fail, something strange happens. You begin to redefine your priorities in life.

You reorder the things that matter to you. You look inwards, forcing an inventory of your hopes and your dreams. And you come to realize the things that matter the most to you. For most, this redefinition of priorities is a crucial step for overcoming failure. If success is as important to you as you think, then you begin to make the necessary adjustments. Through each successive failure in my life, my values were reshaped. Over time, they completely morphed.

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What I valued 10 years ago is no longer the same as what I value today. When you value the wrong things, success can be fleeting. But, when your values are in order, you can happily succeed rather than succeeding to be happy.

Consequently, we ask, "What can we learn from suffering?" Here are some suggestions: 1. Obedience. The Lord Jesus learned obedience from the things which. Fighting a chronic disease or battling the challenges of living can teach you these four things.

So, what does it exactly mean to value the right things? We all know the power of the mighty ego. Before we fail in a major way, the ego runs your life. But when you fail, things change. Major failure causes the ego to shatter. As a result, you become more compassionate. You become more in touch with your fellow human beings. It forces you to look deeper at things, understanding and caring more about others rather than solely focusing on your self.

The failures in my life served me far more than I could have ever imagined. They made me kinder, gentler, and more caring and giving than I had ever been. Without those failures, I would have been doomed to live a far less compassionate life. Every major failure helps you look at money in a different way. Whether you fail at marriage, business, relationships, or anything else. I know it did for me. All of the decisions we make in life have an impact on our bottom line. When we disrespect money and treat it with wonton disregard, it brings the potential for failure closer.

But through each successive failure, I improved my perspective on money.

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I learned to respect it and treat with care, rather than spending it with disregard. In many of the books that I write , I talk about the necessity for creating a plan in order to succeed. But not just creating one plan and never changing it. You have to constantly revise your approach, measuring and adjusting things as you go. When I failed in the past, I realized that I was doing something wrong. Take an airplane for example. It plans to arrive 5. But what happens when there are interruptions along the way? The plane adjusts its plan.

I learned very quickly who my true friends were after each successive failure. Many people do the same.

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But, when you fail, most of those so called friends up and disappear. Shedd— Sermons to the Natural Man Our Compassionate High Priest "Who can have compassion on the ignorant, and on them that are out of the way; for that he himself also is compassed with infirmity. But at the same time he looked manward; it was for men that he was ordained, that, through him, they might deal with God; and therefore he had need to be tender.

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It was necessary that he should be one who could have sympathy with men; … Charles Haddon Spurgeon— Spurgeon's Sermons Volume The four divisions of this chapter are,--I. The nature of the cross, its necessity and dignity, sec. The manifold advantages of the cross described, sec.

We go to church, temple, or mosques. When you harbor deep enough meanings for succeeding, you learn to never give up, no matter what the situation. They quiet down and man or woman up. What I came to quickly realize was that it was all about what I chose to do with that time that mattered, not how much I thought I had. But as I have personally suffered, I have found a new ability to enter others' suffering as they have entered mine.

The form of the cross the most excellent of all, and yet it by no means removes all sense of pain, sec. A description of warfare under the cross, and of true patience, not that of philosophers, after the example of Christ, sec. But infirmity pleadeth its part, and with favor of the crowds proclaims itself to have a cause invincible. Where it contradicts, and says, "What way is there among men, who without doubt by being deceived are turned aside from a deadly harm to others or themselves, to succor men in peril, if our affection as men may not incline us to lie?

The fellowship of sufferers is a room for the mature in the faith. Suffering moves one from kindergarten to master's level faith pretty quickly. They put off trite kindergarten sayings of Christianity. They recognize the prosperity gospel for the heresy that it is. They quiet down and man or woman up. Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox! Click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

Here are some of the things I have experienced in fellowship with other sufferers.

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Quiet sitting rather than trite answers. People who pray asking God for advice rather than offering advice of their own. People who can give wisdom on how to BE rather than what to DO. Sufferers understand being in a situation where you can't control the outcome while non-sufferers feel threatened by that idea and have a hard time with anything except advice on how to get out of your suffering.

People who understand this world is not our home. There comes a moment in the path of suffering when you move from efforts to jettison the weight from your shoulders toward adjusting the weight so you can carry it for the long haul. Not all suffering lasts all of life.

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I have been healed from severe foot pain that kept me from activity for a good year or so. But I have not been healed from type 1 diabetes, and I have had to learn how to manage it, knowing that I am likely to wear an insulin pump for the rest of my life. A rebellious child is something one can wait in hope in this life for their return to faith. But the child who died from cancer is a permanent loss, a weight that cannot be jettisoned from the story of your life.

Such weight is impossible to bear if you don't believe in the joy set before us, the destination in eternity that will not disappoint. Sufferers, especially those permanently scarred by circumstances that can not be undone in this life, get this deep, important truth in a way non-sufferers don't. Visit the Charisma Store to view all our specials.